What they say about us

I wanted to thank you for always sweetening our breakfasts.
We are in love with your salted caramel cheesecake.
In addition to giving you my most heartfelt and sincere compliments, I also write to ask you something unorthodox, and, perhaps, a little crazy. By any chance… could we dream of a big wedding cheesecake? As good as our breakfast of almost every morning ☺, with the flavour of salted caramel that I love so much, for our 100 guests?

I would like to give you my compliments for your chocolate cheesecake.

I’m probably repeating myself, but I assure you I consider your desserts sensational, and even the new chocolate cheesecake is fantastic. If I were one of your salesmen, there would be no restaurant that would not buy them!

My compliments for the dessert I bought at Esselunga
(chocolate cheesecake and mixed berries cheesecake). Really delicious!!!!

I feel the need and desire to write this email, but I can’t find the words:
I am stunned by the kindness reserved for my phone call and the speed of the response to my request! I will be your customer and an advertising medium to my friends and family. I have tasted your desserts and they are really good;
what we normally find is nothing compared to your products.