Every plant a cup!

Today the glass cup is very popular not only in the kitchen! The cup could perfectly become the new vase for your plants, for home furnishing, as a composition in the centre of the table, or even as a gift for your friends.
It surely is an original and very creative use, and the glass cup is very fashionable and the size allows it to be very versatile, for small or large spaces. Your cup may contain spices, succulent plants or small sprouts, and it certainly will leave an impression!

Simply put enough terrain to occupy ¼ of your container, then plant the seedlings or place the sprouts delicately. If you want something different and create an original habitat for your succulent plant, add 1 centimetre of pebbles on the bottom, add some charcoal to avoid mould, and some terrain with the plant on top.

Your home and garden will certainly be very original and elegant!

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